Wladimyr Mayard

Wladimyr Mayard

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Get to Know Me

From real estate to running departments of corporate entities to being in positions of leadership, Wladimyr has built an inner/outer portfolio of extensive knowledge. He has taken that knowledge to heights where he can state that he was a property/business manager who’s journey has led him along a path of marketing and event planning. This expertise has led him to have an empathetic ear to his clients needs.

Wladimyr has spent a decade plus excelling in the competitive landscape of business sales, real estate, property management and customer service. Wladimyr has spent the latter parts of a decade developing into a much needed renaissance person as a real estate agent, property management and business manager for the top 100 companies in the world. As a New York City native, this is important as his background and current standing is a collage of versatile service to the people. He has an intimate knowledge of the area and a deep desire to make “My home your home”. Wladimyr is transparent, responsive, a great communicator and a strong negotiator.

As a renaissance person in the most diverse, versatile city in the world, Wladimyr is your quintessential guide from beginning to end in finding your home. He understands neighborhood nuance as far safety, schooling and overall livability. Him managing corporate and retail entities brings usage to his financial side. He understands the importance of customer service and market value. So all in all from the time a gesture of familiarity is done, such as a handshake, to the signature on the dotted line of closing on your new home; Wladimyr is a one person guide who’s will get you in front of the right real estate constituents in a timely manner. This is highly important in a competitive market where the bidder with the right consultant wins.

Wladimyr is the right consultant with the right amount of compassion for helping people manifest their dreams of obtaining a place they will call home.

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